Feeding Frenzy

Sony A77II
Sony 70-400G @ 200mm
ISO 400, 1/1250 @ f8
OK, this is my last post on this challenge. Hope I didn’t wear out my welcome. Our boat came across this group of humpbacks bubble netting and since small boats have the leeway to deviate from their course we were able to get fairly close. The birds must have been able to spot the bubbles coming to the surface so they were a tipoff to where the whales were going to surface. The seas were pretty calm too so I was able to keep the camera on the tripod and got a lot of keepers. I liked this one since it included a lot of birds and the islands in the BG. This went on for about 45 minutes before the whales departed the area. All comments welcome. >=))>

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Bill, you haven’t wore out your welcome in this WC, as far as I am concerned. I sure have enjoyed your shots of Alaska. This was quite the feeding frenzy. Glad the boat was able to get you so close.

Bill, this is another great catch, with the birds wheeling, the whales breaching, the peninsula, and the distant mountain sides. I do think that cloning out the white bits (snow fields??) along the top of the frame would be a nice improvement.

Looks like you had a great trip, Bill! Not everyone gets to see this type of action. An excellent opportunity and you captured it nicely. You also did a good job of composing the background scenery into the shot. It really provides the environmental context.