Fire in the Sky

Although this image doesn’t show the actual flames of a fire, it does show the plume of smoke from a nearby wildfire spreading through the sky. The post sunset light illuminates the plume and turns it a bright orange color, turning the scene into a “fire in the sky” moment. Forest fires have unfortunately become all too common during the summers in the American west, brought on by extreme drought as a result of climate change. Besides their obvious effect on the landscape, they have resulted in the loss of critical habitat in order for wildlife to survive. The natural world will continue to be under severe stress due to these ongoing events.

Specific Feedback Requested

Besides feedback on the composition and any post processing suggestions, I would like to know if this image is appropriate for this week’s challenge of fire. Like I wrote in my description the image doesn’t show the flames of the fire, but you get the sense that there is a significant fire burning nearby.

Technical Details

Canon R, RF 24-105 mm lens at f/11, .5 sec, ISO 100
Minimal processing in Lightroom.


Great color here, and I like the lights of traffic going down the street. It appears to be Prineville, with Powell Butte off to the right, but it’s a perspective unfamiliar to me. Or mail be it’s closer to Bend near Alfalfa? I have a place off Davis Loop,


Actually it was taken from the top of Pilot Butte one evening this past summer. It’s looking west at the Cascades and the city of Bend below. That’s Awbrey Butte to the right.

Ah, that’s why the city is in the frame. The same view, but from further and with Powell Butte is visible from the developments south of Prineville.

Nice work on this.

Thanks. It’s a great spot for photography.