Here is another one of this type of images!

Specific Feedback Requested

Any comments are welcome!

It is not easy to get this type of images fully sharp, but I hope this works anyhow.

Technical Details


I like it! I have photographed fire too and the gases and movement make it hard to get a sharp image. I still like what you did. Makes me think of a dragon’s eye

Perfect title for a really nice image. Well seen, Ola!

@Martha_Montiel and @J_Fritz_Rumpf, I am glad that you liked the image.

Hi Ola –

This is a fun abstract subject. I like the mix of colors and the pattern in the ripples. I also think the centered composition works well. I don’t think the sharpness, or lack thereof, is an issue. It does look the file could use a bit of noise reduction as there looks to be quite a bit of graininess in the orange parts of the scene in particular.

You could also consider darkening the edges and corners, especially the lower right (an overall vignette, plus some special attention to the lower right corner). There are some bright areas along the edges, as well. For this kind of photo, I want to eliminate those little bright slivers and specs in the margins so that all of the attention can go to the center of the frame where most of the visual interest is. It also looks like some of the water, especially on the right of the orange section, might have a magenta cast. A more neutral or blue color might look more natural.

Thank you for sharing this photo for my guest critique!

@Sarah_Marino, thanks for your advice and suggestions, they are very much appreciated. I learn a lot, especially to be careful about all of the details! For the final image, I will implement I think all of what you have recommended.