Fire Water

When shooting colorful sunrise at a local beach a little while ago I noticed these cool patterns in the water. I had to get out about waist deep in the water for this to get past the small waves crashing and shoot handheld. I wish I was higher so I would have a better angle for more DOF but wasn’t possible this time.

Specific Feedback Requested

Appreciate any feedback, Thank you

Technical Details

ISO 500, F9, 1/400 sec @ 200mm


Hi Glenn – The colors and undulating patterns are wonderful here! In terms of the composition, the lower right feels a bit empty, so you could consider a crop that eliminates that part of the scene, or you could adjust the contrast to make the subtle patterns there stand out a bit more. Also, you could consider cropping off the top edge or at least darkening the light band on the upper right. Otherwise, this has a very mesmerizing feel and works well for me.

Glenn, I just love this shot of yours. The colour palette is simply stunning to me, and the subtle texture created with the ripples is just right. AlthoughI feel that lightening up that central darkish ripple and the one in the lower left corner may help…or not. Really good. I could live with a very large version of this on my wall as it matches our room colours nicely! Cheers.

Thank you @Sarah_Marino and @Phil_G