First Signs of Spring

A spring morning after a rain. The trees started to bud in the last few days. Enjoying the small bits of green after the greys of winter

Specific Feedback Requested

Are the green leaves in the center too bright. I wonder if I have pushed the white’s slider in LR a bit too much.

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
ISO 800, f11, 0.6 sec. 100mm on a 70-400 lens on a full frame. I used the higher ISO to reduce movement due to a bit of wind.


Lovely image. I like the portrait of this eager tree almost bursting forth—not only in terms of its early foliage but in the way it leans as if it’s jumping the gun.

I don’t think you pushed the highlights too much. On my screen, it fits the bright green you get in spring.

Only thing I’d consider is that clearing the upper right corner. The trunks you can see are a bit distracting when compared to the more chaotic background of the rest of the image.

Thanks for sharing!

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I think this is a great intimate spring scene, it has a very appealing color palette. I do not think that you pushed the yellow/green of the buds too far, they need to have this type of luminosity to get visual separation from the background. The luminosity of the buds works well with the darker foreground, it really makes the tree pop from the background. My only suggestion would be to burn the bright tree trunk in the URC, it’s just bright enough to pull the eye away from the center a bit.

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Adam and Ed thanks for the feed back. I did some selective reduction in exposure and highlights in a few areas in the top of the image. I also cloned out a couple of small bright sky patches in the URC. I usually try for subtle adjustments but may tray some more dramatic post-processing.

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This is a lovely intimate springtime image and the greens look perfect to me. They are bright and vibrant as they should be. I like your small tweaks with the rework as it keeps my eye on the lush spring leaves of the small tree. The large version has some wonderful details.

I went back and looked through the sequence of shots and found a horizontal image. I like balance in the horizontal image but the background pine trees are more prominent in the image so I stuck with the vertical image. If I moved to eliminate the pine trees I lost the shape of the dark tree branches on the left side of the frame. Any preferences?