Fishing in the Fog

Well, this is a rework of an older image from back in 2006. At that time I was shooting a Nikon D2x, a second generation digital machine and it was quite noisy, especially in low light or most any ISO other than 100. I wanted to rework this using the newer Topaz Denoise AI and other newer software to see if I might could get a printable image from it. Please let me know what you think.

This was taken just slightly before sunrise, although the sun wasn’t going to be visible anyway due to the fog. Shutter speed was 1.6 seconds, which caused the boat to blur a good bit, so I tested the newer Topaz Sharpen AI on that as well. All in all, I think both of the newer Topaz Ai products did an amazing job on a really tough image. Whether it did well enough to be usable remains to be seen.

Nikon D2x w/ 70-200 VR @ 200mm
1.6 seconds @ f/6.3
100 ISO

What technical feedback would you like if any? Any & all feedback is welcomed and greatly appreciated, whether it be technical or artistic.

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You may only download this image to demonstrate post-processing techniques.

The old masters never painted just a uniform fog. There was always some light breaking through it. I think this image captures that sense in the foreground water.

I don’t sense the blur in the image until it’s blown up. And it’s only evident in the two fishing rods. Is there a way to handle that? It’s an image that doesn’t speak of sharpness so the blur is not very critical.

It appears that the fisherman was trolling towards you when the shot was taken.

PS You could also try giving this a cooler color cast and see how that goes. I like how he’s situated in the corner of the frame like that. It emphasizes how all alone he is.

Looks good to me. I really like the image and the processing is spot on to my eye.

Bill, I also really like this one a lot! I think you included just the right amount of space/fog around the boat in all directions. Nicely done!

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This is fabulous! The boat/figure/poles may be slightly blurry due to the long shutter speed of course, but honestly, it’s a perfect fit for the mood and atmosphere of the fog. For me, this is a great story and technical specs are really less relevant here.

Processing looks great to me. Can’t really offer any technical review at these small web sizes and especially for any potential print. I will say that any further attempts to make something sharper that originally isn’t… would only introduce more issues, IMHO. I’m unfamiliar with Topaz as well.

I do like Igor’s thought of trying a cooler white balance as an alternative. Then again, I wasn’t there and so your experience will dictate the colors, I think.

Bottom line - Just wonderful imagery.


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I’m a sucker for those shots. I really like it. The composition is great!

I might try finding a way to add some contrast in the fog to give it a bit more interest… but that’s more of a “I wonder is that would look good” type thing.

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