Five Window Chevy Truck 1947-1950

I noticed this truck garden at the University of Tennessee Garden. Hopefully this post is in the correct category. I was told by car enthusiast friends that this is a 1947 -1950 vintage Chevy pick up. I like how the flower colors work with the truck. I do have another view which I may post later.
I would not mind returning and setting up a flash or two, one inside and maybe one or two outside to see how things turn out. I have only seen videos and never tried it.

Specific Feedback Requested

Any suggestions to improve this would really be appreciated. Let me have it.

Technical Details

Canon 6dmkii,
Canon 24-105L F4 @ 74mm.
Iso 800 1/800 shutter
The sun was bright so I used a polarizing filter and under exposed by about a stop to keep from blowing out highlights.

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This is definitely the right category, Brian. And this is a really cool image. I love the sunflowers in the back. Fantastic. This is one of those places that I could see spending an afternoon exploring the place and creating all kinds of photos. Very cool indeed. I wouldn’t change a thing on this one. It works as an introduction to what I could see being a series of photos getting closer and more detailed images.

Well done.

I love old vehicles sitting off to the side with a bit of rust on them like this one, Brian. The busted windshield is a plus too. It is later than a 1947 because we used to have one when I was a young girl. My dad ran that thing for years. It burned oil so bad that a lady stopped us one time and said that our truck was on fire! :blush: I would say it is probably a 1950, but can’t see the grill enough to tell, if I could tell.

The flowers planted in the back and all the weeds plants around it adds to the “left behind” look. A great find and nice capture.

Thank you Dave.

Here is a view from the front left. Tell me what you think. I tend to like the previous photo.

Thank you Shirley.

It looks like a 1950 to me. The previous view is the better one I think but I also like the old gas pump and more flowers around.

Hi Brian. Great shot! Beautiful scene how the truck is framed by the flowers and foliage. The one comment I would offer up is to look at the lower right of the frame. The ground and oil drum I feel don’t add anything to the image, kind of an empty space. Not sure you can crop it to remove. Just something to think about when composing in the field, perhaps you could have minimized that area if you wanted to. Maybe not though. I just thought I’d share what struck me as I looked at the image.

Overall great shot tho! I love the old trucks!

Thank you.
I have a lot to learn.

It’s a little thing Brian, it looks like you already know a ton! The shot is fantastic as is! I just wanted to point that out as something to consider in the field before you press the shutter button.

Thank you John, Lot’s to learn here.