FLM Tripods - Any experience?

Does anyone have experience and opinions on the FLM brand of tripods? A friend came across the brand in search of a new tripod and I am also in the market for one a bit taller than my old Gitzo. They seem to get pretty good reviews at B&H and elsewhere. I have been looking at the CP30-L4 II.

Hi Harley,
Following the link below you find an old discussion on tripods, including a few entries on the FLM system including mine.

If you want some more information from me on my FLM tripod/ballhead do not hesitate to ask.

One additional issue: If you want a center column, you have to buy one of their tripods with sturdier legs than 30 (mm).

Here is a link to their original webpage https://flm-gmbh.de/index.php

Harley, any thoughts on Feisol at all? Lon and I bought those units years ago and obviously we’re both tall. ALL my gear is HEAVY too. I’d transitioned from a heavy Bogen unit to a CF Feisol unit at the time. Mine was the first version with the non-rotating legs and steel collared twist locks. Originally Kerry T. was the rep thru Really Big Cameras. Later I bought stuff directly from Feisol. No issues either way.

I have the CP 30 L and love it. Great workmanship and I really enjoy having the extra length. I think it strikes a great balance between a very reasonable weight and stability. I use it with my A7RIII and up to a 100-400 Sigma lens. Highly recommended.

I have been shooting with a FLM CP30-L4 II 10X Carbon Fiber Series II Tripod for over a year and am happy with it. It does not have a center column and is therefore more stable. Setting up, however, takes longer because you now have to adjust all three legs for a height instead of the column. It’s light and tall. I use the height to shoot over obstacles. The leg segment tighteners are made from plastic but I haven’t had any problems so far. I have not photographed in high winds but I have noticed a vibration to the legs if you bang on them. It stops quickly enough. It’s almost like an oscillating motion. I don’t know how common that is with tripods. I believe their more expensive models don’t have this issue. Having a tall tripod lets you shoot on an incline easier because one leg can extend lower and you still have the camera at eye level.

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@ola, @pat2, @Paul_Breitkreuz and @Igor_Doncov, thanks for your input. Having spent some time on the FLM website, I am now considering the heavier CP 34 version. It is still lighter than the Gitzo 1325 it would replace and would be a little steadier in windy conditions, but light enough to carry around within a few miles of the truck. I will be putting a RRS BH-55 on it.

Good to hear, Harley…“I love the smell of new gear in the morning”… :clown_face:

Late to the party here, but I have the same tripod as Igor and I love it. The action of the leg segment tighteners is good - you don’t have to unscrew them all the way to loosen the legs. I have found it to be good on steep slopes, as Igor mentioned.

I bought a Feisol CT-3441s recently since my other tripods both broke. Definitely lightweight but too short even for someone of modest height like myself. I also don’t like how the legs don’t have a locking mechanism which prevents them from spreading too far apart. I think I’m going to buy myself another Induro soon.

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Interesting, Richard. I’m 6’1" and very rarely ever need to raise my center post. As I recall Lon bought the same unit and he is 6’3". Although he told me he did move the center column up sometimes.
Induro is an excellent product too. I have 2 of their Ballheads.

The max height on this one is about 50” if you don’t raise the column so I would think that’s a bit short for most people?