Fly by


The problem with photographing a Cormorant flying by at 9AM, is the evaluative metering setting makes the camera exposure come out some were between the sky and the bird. This gave me a vary dark Cormorant and a deep blur sky.

In DxO PhotoLab I adjusted saturation & luminance of the sky, over all exposure, highlight, midtones, shadows and blacks. I use a local brush to adjust the sharpness and vibrancy of the head and second brush to adjust the exposure and blacks of the body and wings.

This is the end product.
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What technical feedback would you like if any?


What artistic feedback would you like if any?


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Canon7DII, Sigma 150-600mm, 435mm, F8, 1/200, ISO 400.
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Dark birds against the sky are tough, Peter. Your processing worked well in this one. Very nice plumage detail as well.