Forest Flow

Took the afternoon off yesterday and headed to the woods to clear my head. It’s a place I’ve been many times, but the light and flow have not been ideal.

What technical feedback would you like if any? Any.

What artistic feedback would you like if any? Any.

Pertinent technical details or techniques:

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Single image
Nikon D750
Tamron 15-30 f2.8 @22mm f/11
1/2 sec
4 stop ND

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That’s a beautiful waterfall! It looks like this location is definitely worth repeat visits.

Having never been there, I don’t know the limitations. I’d love to compare a composition shot more from the left, so that the waterfall is more on the left slide of the image and the stream still leads out the right, but realize that option may not exist.

As presented though, I think a square crop would work well too. You would lose some of the nice vegetation in the UL and UR corners, but it’s not a bad trade-off?

I played with that, and bumping contrast/saturation with a slight bit of Orton, just for food for thought. As always, feel free to ignore :smiley:

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Josh, this does look like a great place to visit and revisit. You’ve got a good sense of movement and lots of interesting greens. I was wondering about a crop to emphasize the falls and that nice bit of flow at the bottom. I think John’s crop looks good. You could probably do a vertical as well. While I rarely suggest adding saturation, a bit more green saturation would add well.

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Wow, for me this has such an enchanting, dream-like look; something out of a fairy-tale book, or even the Hobbit House lurking in there somewhere.

I like the horizontal as presented. The colors and processing look spot on to me. The only minor wish I have would be more space up top; the top of the falls is just slightly cramped.

Otherwise, this is quite beautiful and looks like a place worth visiting over and over…


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Beautiful location and take on it. I quite like John’s crop suggestion and would agree with Lon about a little room at the top. That said, looks real nice as presented.

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This is gorgeous, Josh. Not a stick out of place. Even the placement of that single fern frond on the rock is perfect. Excellent work.

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I don’t think I’ve seen this falls before. Great shot. My only small suggestion would be to bump up the contrast a little.

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Thank you, @John_Williams. Really like your crop and edit!

I happened to have this slightly different comp that is similar to what you suggest. When I compared the two, the horizontal caught my eye a touch more.

Thanks again for taking the time to help me refine my skills.

Thanks, Mark! John really brought up some good points that I’m going keep in mind for future outings.

I always struggle with the saturation… I’m glad you brought up that I can bump it up on this one.

Thanks, Lon!

I agree about the top… It was a challenge to get the falls and not blow out the notch at the top. I settled for trimming the notch out as much as possible, but still getting the falls. Probably should’ve bracketed and got the best of both… Won’t make that mistake again. :joy:

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Thanks, Harley!

It’s a great spot with not much traffic. If only I would’ve had more time to go down to the lower falls that day.

Thank you, Dennis! Spent a lot of time cleaning the place up before my shoot. :joy:

Good thing the spot removal tool works well for dancing berry brush leaves and hemlock needles.

Josh, more times than not, there’s a good reason why a photographer frames an image in the field… an unknown to me, I too would have avoided the “notch” especially if it had blown out sky in there. Back seat driving is easy… :roll_eyes:

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Thanks, Michael!

They’re a little off the beaten path and not overly visited, but it’s a good mellow stroll that hits three falls.