Forest Lilies (leopard lilies) in a better position

Specific Feedback Requested

Does this angle look better?… also I have a couple other possibilities…

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Nikon D3400
Sight adjustments in exposure and 11x8 crop


Did you go back to the original location? It’s a big help to get to see the setting after the discussion of the first visit. You couldn’t do that with film. Hooray for digital.

The 1st, the top image, gets the stamens in the open. However, the bud and flower behind them get mixed. The 2nd, middle, is much better. The bud is a little soft on focus. The left flower is well-positioned. Maybe getting the bud equally spaced between the flowers would work.

You’re working with a difficultly positioned subject and doing a great job of working the angles and seeing all the elements of the scene to get it right. Well done.

I like the 3rd the best. Again, you took the time to study the scene and to make changes as needed. I hope the bugs weren’t out in force.

The 3rd still has some bright areas that might be toned down, and a tighter crop might give the flowers more emphasis, but it’s a good solid image. Well done.


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Hi @paul_g_wiegman , thanks for looking! This was on the same day. I think I originally posted the one I did because I thought the focus was best on it. But I understand that position is important too! I liked the bottom 2 because you can see the leaves of the flower in the BG which I think look really neat. I’ll have to try the tighter crop on the bottom one, like you said! Thank you for your feedback! Glad you like it!

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I agree with @paul_g_wiegman on #3. The bud is brighter and more separated from the bright leaf cluster behind it, which is more appropriately subdued.

Not sure why these are not showing the yellow but could be the color accuracy of your software – you’re using something on an iPad if I recall? It can be a challenge for a color profile to separate close colors.

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Hello @Diane_Miller thanks for looking and sharing your thoughts! Yeah the 2nd and 3rd images I took kind of looking down on the the flowers to get the stem and leaves. The first was from the side. I have Lightroom for iPad. I’m not sure what you mean about yellow as these flowers are very orange. I haven’t done anything with the color, I never touch those sliders! I don’t know what I’m doing with that! I usually only adjust exposure, shadows, just lighting kind of stuff if needed. And have only gotten into the sharpen and noise sliders since being on NPN. But the Lightroom I have is like the most basic one so I can only slide back or forth for anything.

Interesting about the all-orange. I wonder if its a variant, or maybe the older flowers lose the yellow? It is a subtle tint toward the inside of the blossom. Or a different species that has moved in?

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They must be a different variety than maybe what you have seen. There were quite a few. And you can see that even the bud is orange. The interesting thing was there were some that were single flowers which I’m going to post either today or tomorrow. And then like this in groups. Actually there was one almost like a bush, that had many stems with 3 flowers like this one all coming from what looked like one big stem! I should have tried capturing it but didn’t really know how, with where it was in the woods and where I was on the trail!