Fox portrait

The foxes on the San Juan Island NHP were accustomed to photographers. I like this image as it is more of a portrait of the dame and one of her offspring.

Specific Feedback Requested

this to me is a more formal portrait of the fox pair. Does the composition and color support this concept?

Technical Details

Canon R5, Canon RF 100-500mm 4.5/7.1 @ 500mm
1/1300 @ F-8 ISO 500, HH Sharpened with topaz


I don’t know if you have any more canvas, John, but this feels to me with those intent stares, that it needs more room on the bottom and the left.

I don’t see any hand of man in this, so I think you meant to stick it in Wildlife. I’ll move it there.

Thank you. I did mean for it to be in wildlife. I will take another look at this image, there is m ore room.

I find that stare quite intense !
Some more canvas at the bottom will help and you may crop off some canvas on RHS.

Hi John. Foxes are always such interesting subjects. I like how you caught their heads in almost the exact same position. For me the Dead grass/bush in the upper left is mildly distracting don’t know if a tighter or shifted crop might remove that.