Free NPN Stickers for members!

Free NPN Stickers for members!
(David Kingham) #1

Hey everyone, we have some beautiful new stickers in and we want to share them with you!

Here’s what they look like:


We recommend putting them on your car or your tripod so you can recognize other fellow NPN members when you’re out in the field!

All you need to do is put in your name and address into this form:

Welcome to NPN
(Terri L Barnett) #2


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(Ryan Stikeleather) #3


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(David Kingham) pinned #4
(Bill Pelzmann) #5

Great idea!

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(Preston Birdwell) #6

Cool idea! Thanks!

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(Harley Goldman) #7

Thanks, David!

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(Paul Breitkreuz) #8

I’m in…thank you for this kind offer…I like this Logo too, any chance the ball caps would see the same NPN Logo?..:grinning:

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(Bill Leggett) #9

I like the logo too. Thanks!

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(David Kingham) #10

Someday I hope so! The aperture part of it is the best I can do for now with the supplier I’m using because I can’t make the logo any taller.

(Alberto Patiño Douce) #11


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(Gary Randall) #12

Excellent. I can’t wait to put one on the PPV. :smiley:

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(John Scane) #13

Cool - Thanks!

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(Bob Falcone) #14

Love it!

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(Sandy Richards-Brown) #15

very cool idea - thanks!

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(Ed Lowe) #16

These look great; thanks for the kind offer David.

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(Preston Birdwell) #17

Received mine today! They look very nice. :+1:

Thanks, David,

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(Joerg Bonner) #18

awesome! do you ship worldwide?

(David Kingham) #19

As long as your country is on this list, absolutely!

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(Gary Randall) #20

Shabango!!! :smiley:! Thank you David and Jennifer!! Representing the NPN!!! Yo!