Got Em!

Got Em!

(Hank Pennington) #1

Hey David and Jennifer,

Got the stickers today. Many thanks!

Best of all for me, they don’t announce “Camera’s Onboard” when we’re parked out in the sticks or in town. But they’re distinctive. I’ll be watching for them in windows, just to say howdy to the owners. I invite the same. Watch for a big white RAM 2500 with matching canopy in the west or a diminutive red Toyota RAV4 in the Southeast.

We’ll be looking for you!

(Jim Zablotny) #2

Got mine too. They’ll look good on my car. Thank you for the stickers…Jim

(Brent Clark) #3

Goes good on the nalgene too! Thanks!

(Hank Pennington) #4

Huh… Might make the water taste even better, too. I know that our RAM sure runs a lot smoother with the sticker on the back. Gotta wait for the next fill-up, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s also getting better mileage now! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: