Fresh Snow

This image was taken a few days ago at Black Butte Ranch near Sisters, Oregon. I had gone over there the previous day hoping there would be snow, but there was hardly any. I woke up the next morning to new snow and a bright, sunny day.

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Is this a composite: No


This is beautiful! I love how the river? or path? is winding and pointing towards the mountain!

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Hi Chris, I agree with @Vanessa_Hill, well composed, and I’m pretty sure its a river that’s providing that great leading line into the background. Snow and ice are guaranteed to produce cold thoughts :grin:. The distant peak is nicely positioned off center and the pastel blue sky adds a nice splash of color to the whole scene. Without the cloud bank I think it would almost be too much sky.

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Chris, it does look like a lovely winter day. This has me wanting to go snow shoeing or cross country skiing.

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Hi Chris from another Kris.

Oh this is a wonderful area. I really need to get back to Oregon one day. The snow blanket it inviting, but it doesn’t look cold…really cold. Here is my humble re-imagining of the scene.

I took the exposure down and lowered the blacks somewhat. Used the dehaze slider a little to bring some contrast. Also added texture and clarity to the image overall. Then I dusted down the highlights in the snow with a brush, used the same brush to dial up the clarity in the water and shifted the color toward blue and away from green. I thought the line of orange trees could pop more so I hit the luminance and saturation sliders and used an adjustment brush to darken the conifers behind them. Then I brought it into Ps to clone out the remaining sky that was visible after the crop I also did. Phew. I hope you like it, but it’s just one person’s vision.

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A very nice wide angle winter landscape, Chris. The disappearing stream really adds depth to the scene. The first version is significantly over exposed but your re-work is much better.