Galapagos Shearwater

Pertinent technical details or techniques to help others learn:

Canon 5D3, Sigma 150-600 at 516 1/3200 F8, iso 800
A shot from our Galapagos tour a few years ago, these speedy guys are tough.

Nice crisp image with great action, Nate. I don’t know what kind of cropping you might have done and I like the included splash, but I think this would work a lot better if you took some off the bottom (to the in-focus area) and added some to the top and right. If you don’t hsve it in this frame, you might be able to steal some from adjacent frames. The waves shouldn’t shift too much in 1/10 second or so.

Hi Nate,

The crop is fine. I wish that the splash water droplets and the foot were sharper than as presented. Lighting, exposure, and post processing looks good as well. Even with my minor nits, this is an impressive image of a very difficult subject. Well done…Jim

Hi Nate
I like the action and splash, A little cropping of the bottom of the would help this photograph.