Amourous Curve-billed Thrashers

I photographed this pair of Curve-billed Thrashers at Santa Clara Ranch in Texas this spring. Near the end of their copulation the mail spread his wings over her and turned her head towards his.

What technical feedback would you like if any?

What artistic feedback would you like if any? Let me know if you have any suggestions

Any pertinent technical details: Canon 5D4 500F4 1/1000 F8, iso 1250, Gitzo tripod, Wimberley head, blind

Great poses, Nate, and the interaction really works well. f/8 was perfect to give you adequate depth of field and blur the background nicely. Was this taken from a sunken blind-it looks like a very low angle shot.

I think, if you wanted to you could take a touch off the top and right to really give the birds the stage. With those poses, there’s no need for a lot of room for them to fly into.

Beautiful image.

Thanks Dennnis, this was taken from a sunken blind. It’s already cropped a fair bit so I didn’t want to lose too much image quality by cropping it even more.

Wonderful detail, color, DOF, and behavior. I looked at the enlarged image and there is a tiny bit of noise but acceptable. I think cutting a small amount off the top would decrease canvas to focus more attention on the birds. This should not affect the overall IQ.

Excellent capture. Good detail; the eyes really stand out. Nice low angle.