Some Final Thoughts

I took this at Crystal Cove State Park in California and I moved in a position where I would get a side view in the morning sunlight and saw how the water was hitting the shore. I used a 90D and a 100-400 telephoto. I am looking for comments on anymore post process and also any changed to the composition. I will likely post this in the image galley when done. Thanks

You may only download this image to demonstrate post-processing techniques.

Dean, I really like the splash behind the gull, and the contemplative look he seems to have. I really like how the wave to the left almost forms the shape of his head with an eye! Little imagination there, I am one who sees shapes of animals in the clouds. The white on his chest may could have the brightness turned down a little, and if you did crop this any, and have the space left, I think I would give the feet a bit more room at the bottom (to me it seems a bit crowded). Otherwise, to me, a great image of an ordinary bird because of the light and the action. Well done.

Thanks Shirley, I don’t have room below so that is something to think about next time I am there. I did tone down the highlights and that helped. I removed cropped what I had which was mostly to the right and left

To me the white on the chest looks better. I know so many times I have got so into the action, and making sure the focus is on the eye, etc., that I miss that my bottom of the frame is a bit close to the feet, or that their tail feathers are cut off, or close to it. I don’t think in this shot it is a deal breaker. I just thought if you had some extra room, you might could add it back in.