Garden Tour 5

Backward Glance
Sony A77II
Minolta 200mm macro
ISO 400, 1/40 @ f16
We have a number of clematis growing in a pot on our patio and the back of this one caught my eye this morning. All comments welcome. >=))>


What symmetry and colors. Great composition and sharpness. Love it.

I love this kind of shot, Bill, here beautifully composed and executed. It reads like a ray of hope in the present circumstances. I also find it fascinating because I would not have known this was a clematis ( which don’t appear here until May or June. )

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Beautiful, Bill! Great color, light and excellent radiating pattern. This is exquisite.

Bill, this is a great “backside” view. The radiating spokes with all of their lines and colors lead beautifully to the amazing sharpness and color of the stem. Well seen.

I love this composition, and your creativity in seeing this. Great job. I was in our yard today with my 70-200 lens, thinking I should go in the house and put on my tele-extenders to emulate a macro lens. Then I thought, “why not just buy a full-on macro lens”? :slight_smile:

Mark: I would heartily recommend getting a true macro lens. I occasionally use extension tubes with my 70-400 but the macro lenses are much easier to use IMO. I started with a 100mm and then graduated to a 200mm many years ago. There are pros and cons to both focal lengths which I would be glad to discuss if you are so inclined. The greatest thing about macro for me is that there are always subjects within walking distance. Thanks for the kind comments. >=))>

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Fabulous! My initial thought/reaction was in thinking of fireworks; just how the pedals (or whatever part of the flower they are…) radiate out from the stem… Oh, and the colors too.

An excellent composition too.


Bill, this is a real eye-catcher! I love the way colors and light are handled. And the fuzzy stem is such a cool center of interest! Luvin’ it!