Backward Glance

Sony A77II
Sony 70-400G-II @ 400mm + 1.4xTC
ISO 400/ 1/6 @ f16
LR/PSCC/Luminar 4
This nearly pristine Gerbera Daisy is enjoying the mild temperatures and short sunny days in our garden. The BG is simply our front yard but I really liked the color and texture in it. All comments welcome. >=))>

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Wonderfully different viewpoint and a great subject! The tonalities and colors are gorgeous, and the bit of green in the petals and gray on the stem are picked up by the BG. It could be an interesting touch to bend the greens in the BG a little away from cyan to make them more analogous to those in the flower.

I love it, Bill. The viewpoint is really nice. Great details in the flower, and a nice soft background. I really like that brighter yellow ring at the base of the flower. Very nice.


I like the colors, sharpness, and textures of this image. The slight grain in the image gives this a film-like atmosphere. Diane’s suggestion for pushing some of the cyans to green might be interesting to try. Other than that, I like this image because the lower side of a flower rarely gets viewed…Jim

I so agree with the other comments Bill. Beautiful photo and such a joy to look at . Nicely done.

Colors and textures do work really well in this image. Well composed with nice angles.

Bill, great image with a perspective from behind. Great colors, sharpness and background. I like it as it is.