Garden Tour 8

Sony A77II
Minolta 200mm macro
ISO 400, 1/15 @ f5.6
I was up early this morning to observe our new iris. It was emerging nicely so I decided to pop off a few shots before heading out to work. It did open all the way later in the day so at least one more image is coming but I did like this stage. All comments welcome. >=))>

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Bill, I’ve always enjoyed watching iris bloom. I like the composition with the flower coming in diagonally. And the deep red and greens make the perfect complimentary scene. Also, really like that I can see the bright yellow/orange of the center just beginning to emerge. Great, great photo.

Gorgeous hues and textures, Bill, and I love the shape of the flower at this stage. Looking forward to the full opening !

Thar she goes! (Think Captain Bligh…). Again, the colors are wonderful and I like the stage you’ve caught this one in.

Kind of an afterthought as I didn’t really notice, but along the edge of the left pedal, the brighter green leaf behind is creating a halo effect. Not sure if that’s a bother or not and probably wasn’t - until I mentioned it… :roll_eyes:

The origin vertical here works just beautifully. I’m also wondering about a 4x5 format with a little off the bottom and even a little less off the top.

Oh, and I love the little droplet of water!


A beautiful iris, Bill, and I too like the stage that it is in. The deep colors are a real treat.

Hi Bill,

Your comp is all about colorful triangles. The business of the BG was taken care of with your chosen aperture. The petals show up nicely. I can’t wait for this iris to be fully open. Well done…Jim

A beauty Bill! You have captured all the merits of a flower early in the morning: turgid, stark, wet, neat and saturated colors.