Gifford Pinochet Waterfall

This is a 2 shot blend for the water and foliage. With the water 1/3 of a second and the foliage at 1/40 of a second taken in the rain on an overcast day.

What technical feedback would you like if any?

Any and all constructive critiques.

What artistic feedback would you like if any?

Any and all constructive critiques

Pertinent technical details or techniques:

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This is wonderful, awesome! I’m hard pressed to be critical here. the colors and processing are excellent and I love the water - just enough texture while still proving that silky, graceful flow.

The only small suggestion would be to “fill in” the open patch along the top edge. There’s a tree that kinda divides the sky up there; to the left, there are branches and leaves that block most of the brightness. If you’re so inclined, you could clone some that and partially fill in the gap to the right of that tree. No biggie, a small tweek.

I’m also trying to decide if the white cluster of water in the LRC bugs me. It kinda catches the eye. Perhaps even burning it down slightly might help. Not a huge deal. I’ll curious to see if anyone else brings it up.

A great image!


I am going to second what Lon says about this being a really cool image. I also agree with the slight bright spot at the top of the shot.

I like the offset between the upper and lower cascades, but I do fell that the offset may be too much. This is emphasised by the large patch of dark rocks on the right of the lower falls. I don’t know the location, but if you could have taken a step to the left and half a step back, I think you would have created a better flow through the image. This would add a little bit more rock to the left of the falls and balance the darks out a bit better too.

Hope that helps.


Beautiful shot Greg, very nicely edited and you nailed those greens. I would agree with the previous comments about partially filling in the space above the falls but that’s a minor detail in an otherwise gorgeous shot.

All has been said above, I just want to echo that this is very well seen and very well processed, Greg. Huge congrats to you. I really like the texture on the wall to the left and to the right of the top waterfall. The texture, color, and light there are just magical.

Thanks @Lon_Overacker, @Blake_Randall, @Eugene_Theron, @Adhika_Lie for the input. The common thread was that patch of white at the top, so I did clone some trees/bushes into the area. Lon I decided to leave that patch of white water in the LRC. But do have to admit that I do notice it and will probably also take it out at a later date.

I never thought the patch of white was an issue. On the contrary, the white at the very bottom was an issue due to it’s lack of definition. I would crop to just below the central rock with water flowing over it.

Sorry @Igor_Doncov that should have gone to Lon. If you look above it shows Lon not you. Yeah I don’t even show you listed as having given a critique.