Ginkgo gold

One of the more remarkable trees on the planet is Gingko. Among other fascinating things about them is that the leaves in the Fall turn a brilliant gold and then,typically, all come down in a single morning. A 150 year old tree in our town is always a go-to in the Fall for me.

Specific Feedback Requested

any and all

Technical Details

Sony 6000, 1/400, f/6.3, 200mm, ISO 400, with minor tone curve processing in LR


Quite the display even if it doesn’t last. The white sky here is different - most people would wait for a blue sky, but it sounds like you can’t with this tree. Nicely done to catch that fleeting moment.

Really beautiful image of a beautiful, but smelly tree! I love how you captured all the repeating patterns of the leaves. Beautiful composition!

Great shot of one of my favorite trees. @Vanessa_Hill if I am not mistaken, only the female trees have fruit and when it starts to rot, it smells pretty bad.

The fruit can be smelly when it is left on the ground to rot, not unlike many other kinds of fruit. The real issue is that not many people know how to harvest and use it—more than I can go into here but check it out online. When you buy a Gingko tree at a nursery these days, it is typically a cloned male. The only female tree in our town grows in my yard, planted from a seedling (rather than a clone) and the bushel or so of fruit I harvest as soon as it drops is appreciate by several Asian friends who enjoy eating them. Gingko has quite a history too and a sex life unlike any other plant—check them out as well when you have a moment.