Glad to be Back!

HI everyone!—What a great surprise to see NPN back and doing what it did best!. With today’s social media being what it is its a great time to re discover NPN. I was one of its original members way back when and look forward to being active again… WHAT A GREAT DAY!–JG


Glad to see you back on here Jack!

Well lookee here - welcome back Jack! Been a long while. Look forward to your participation.

Maybe we’ll run in to you again at Mono Lake…


Welcome back, Jack! It has been a while! We’re looking forward to your participation.

I hope all’s well!

Hey, my friend. Good to see you slumming with us folks around here. I might just see you again when you do your east side workshop coming up soon.

Great to see you back Jack!

Harley, not. This year… doing a talk at the Smoky Mts Nature Summit … great to hear from ya,

Welcome back, Jack! Great to see some of the old-timers coming back.

Welcome back Jack! I hope you are enjoying the new site.