Glorious Tones

Captured on a late October evening, 2020 at Wormsloe Historic Site , Georgia. The light was golden on one side and a cool blue/green on the other. It was a surreal moment filled with fantasies of life centuries ago. This was definitely a highlight of my photography journey. Such a majestic place.

Specific Feedback Requested

Would love your thoughts on this image. Anything.

Technical Details

Captured on the Nikon Z6 with the 24-70 f2.8 S lens.
ISO - 400, f 11, .5 sec, 70mm.
Processed in LR.

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I like the feeling tone I get from this image…both where the eye is led and the colors. The way the light is on one side and being reflected on the ground on the other side makes this a very mystical shot for me. Only one that could have been taken at this angle at this time of day. Well done!

Thanks for your kind words. Its sincerely appreciated.

Magical and mysterious! Like from a land far away and long ago. This is so special and beautiful! I’m glad you could experience it and also take the image! I hope you print this for display!

Incredible light!! I love how the draping moss fills the space in the trees at the top center!

Mozzam, I have seen many photos of this road/trees but none with the beautiful light that you captured. Gorgeous photo!