Go with the flow

Was out with my drone looking for signs of Autumn in the woods of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. This was along the Dead River near Marquette. As I was flying over I noticed these ‘crops’ of underwater plants. Between the way they line up in the current and the mist over the water I thought they presented an interesting abstract scene.

Specific Feedback Requested

This is a drone shot even though I don’t think it presents as a ‘typical’ one. Any thoughts composition wise.

Technical Details

DJI Mini 2. Shot about 30 meters above the water.

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Very cool image, Cameron. I love the hot arrow feeling here. It certainly feels like a successful abstract. Well done. Comp is perfect.

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An interesting abstract scene, indeed. I’m getting an arrow feeling as well. The texture of the greens (plants) is a nice contrast with the rest of the image.

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As David said it is a very cool image indeed. When I saw the thumbnail I was sure that this was one of those intimate landscapes that are done using a 70-200 lens from the waters edge so I was truly surprised that you did this wit ha drone. I really like the shape of the plants and the (foggy?) surface of the water really adds an ethereal feel to it.

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Thanks Dvir. That is fog on the water. I was surprised by it as well, it was not what I was expecting to see when I put the drone up.

Thanks Dean. I definitely composed and cropped it to keep that arrow like form, so I’m glad it comes through.

Thanks David. I worked from a slightly larger initial image trying to get the plant structures lined up in a good comp.

Hi Cameron, what a cool abstract image! The fog on the water appears like dragon’s breath and the grass resembles the top of a dragon head. Really cool combination and well spotted using your drone. My only recommendation would be to darken the top left grass area as it is a bit bright on the edge. Awesome work!

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Thank you Alfredo. I need to work on my selective editing. I usually edit the photo overall, but with the new Lightroom masks I’ve done some more localized editing.


Hate to be repetitive here, but “very cool image” seems to be the comment of the day! Very unique and most certainly abstract. Abstract in the sense that a viewer would have no idea what this was without the description. Sure, I’d believe this to be some sort of plant and fog? but never would have guessed an overhead drone image.

No nits or suggestions. Very cool image indeed.


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Thanks Lon! I’ll happily accept a ‘very cool’. Appreciate the kind words.