Going for the Pick

Had a conflagration of Pelicans descend on where I was shooting landscapes, so shot them instead.

Technical Details

D500, 200-500 @750mm, f/7.1, 1/2000, +.67EV, ISO 400

Processed in On1 start to finish.


Chris, the “legs up”, small splash, and reflection make a very dramatic view. The pose captures the “prehistoric” feel that I get from feeding Pelicans. I do wonder how toning down the brightest parts a bit would look. I’m thinking that a less contrasty view would make for “gentler” viewing.

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Going for the Pick, Rework

I agree the brights were a tad over the top, but when I took down the lights it tended to muddy the overall effect. To offset this, I opened up the darks a bit for some contrast but not so much.

Wow, Chris! Talk about precision in your photo. I love everything about it, especially how close the pelican is to the water. Amazing capture!

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