Going with the flow

My favorite place is the Guadalupe River especially after the rain. The water, thankfully, was running again. I spent several hours photographing the river trying different settings and techniques. Stop the water or let it flow? After reviewing the images, I realized I kept coming back to the photos that had a slow SS speed.
I like the softness and the abstract feel, but at the same time, for me, there is a definitely sense of flowing water.
Nikon D7200, f/20, 0.5sec., ISO 110, @150mm, handheld.

In post processing I cropped a bit off the bottom, and added an adjustment layer from TK7 soft pop.
Does this image give you a sense of movement? Is it too close? Need more space?
Any other thoughts, suggestions or comments are welcome.

Linda, there’s a good sense of movement here. I also like the mix of whites and greens and how they’re distributed through the frame. While it depends on how fast the water is moving, I too find that a ss around 1/2 s gives a nice mix of detail and movement.