Golden Eagle Fishing

Sitting on a shore, trying to get as low as possible for that eye-level shot - hand held with my 300/f 2.8

What technical feedback would you like if any?

2nd image cropped 10-15% off the top

What artistic feedback would you like if any?

Enough space for the bird to fly into ? This is cropped and I can easily get enough space

Pertinent technical details or techniques:

(If backgrounds have been removed, etc. please be honest with your techniques to help others learn)
F 5.0 / iso 800 / at 1/8000 of a sec ( overkill perhaps ) but wanted the droplets as sharp as possible

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Karl, the high shutter speed works for me. The water drops are spot on. I like all the clear details in the feathers and especially the eye. Great job and thanks for sharing.

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Thanks Brian - perhaps I should crop the top 15% ?

What a great shot. Everything looks spot on. The eye level look adds a lot, as does the water and fish. I like the wing position with the head showing through. I think I prefer the image that is cropped on top. Not sure it needs any more room in front as the main story is the fish and water droplets. Great job.

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Awesome capture Karl, not sure what else I would do with this one.

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This is a very nice frame. Great action. Yes, 1/8000 was overkill, but what the heck, it worked anyway. I would leave more room on the left and if there I’d love to see more of the splash and water drops behind the eagle. If not available, not a huge deal.

This is not a Golden Eagle though, it is a mature Bald Eagle.

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Thanks Keith for the correction - my bad - Bald Eagle it is indeed

And yes, I do have space on both sides - the only thing is that this will become more pano - will post after I return home from work tonight

I like the first version a little better, Karl. Great action and I love the wing position. My take on the position is that it works as posted. While the far wing extends a long way forward, the eye still has a long way to go and that’s what draws my attention in this image. If I did anything to it, I think I’d take just a bit of the splash off the right. Great shot.


What a capture for both you and the eagle, Karl. It is a great action shot. Wonderful details, and those water drops are a nice addition.

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Lovely action shot. You were nice and close!! Lots of detail and nice to see the bald head poking out with that clear eye. I like the cropped version best. It seems to add a bit more speed and drama to the action. If anything I might see if there was a bit more room for that version to add to the left.


Thanks David - I think a little more space to the left may work - fortunately I do have the real estate available

Nice picture. Small problem.
Not a Golden Eagle. Golden Eagles have brown heads and golden napes.
This one has the white head of an adult American Bald Eagle.

Great image! I like the version with the top cropped off a bit better. I love the splash behind him.

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