Good Riddance 2020

Just for fun. I’m sure many of you have had the same urge with some of your images. The “pellet” is created out of a few bird feather patches heavily mangled in Photoshop.


Too funny, Dennis! Beautiful image of the hawk though. So hopeful of 2021. I was about ready to ask someone to slap me into next year, but 2021 is now here, and hopefully better for all. Happy New Year to all!

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:rofl: That is funny! Happy New Year!

Great way to start 2021 Dennie! Very funny!

Well done and rather appropriate! Good one.

Spot on, what a strange year it was. Hopefully 2021 will be a lot better, but even a little better would be good.

Happy new year

I just found this – totally wonderful!!

I like this one. An excellent tribute to 2020.