Grass w/Repost

Repost from suggestions:

Original post:

Ornamental Grass in my yard.

Specific Feedback Requested

Any comments appreciated.

Technical Details

110mm, 1/3.2sec @ f/2, ISO 200, 6stop ND, handheld.

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With grass scenes like these I always like to play with cooling the white balance down a bit in order to bring out a greater variety of tones within the scene. Instead of everything being such a similar shade of green, cooling that white balance down can bring out different shades of green that create more separation and interest. I can see some of these slightly aqua greens that would become much more pronounced if you cooled it down. You can also try slightly desaturating the green channel as well.

Thanks for the note, @Eric_Bennett. You should have seen the white balance I started with. :slightly_smiling_face: Hideous. I actually set the white balance at Tungsten level and then worked a touch from there. Anyway, I posted an update above with white balance toned down and the greens touched down too.

Looking better to me, what do you think? Is there anything else you still aren’t happy with?

I struggle with the colors a lot since I am red/green color blind. Even relying on the RGB numbers doesn’t always work for me. Often I just punt and go with B&W:


Very nice ICM, David! I really like the repost.

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I personally love shots like this because it gives you a feeling tone, like a reminder of how much color plays a role in nature photography.

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Nicely done David! I like the colors in the revised image. The scene has some awesome diagonals.

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Wonderful image David! As far as the color/tone goes, I’m really liking the repost. Eric made a very keen observation and terrific suggestion.

What caught me right away wasn’t the color really, but that one, “sharper” or at least darker blade of grass way up in the corner. It almost makes this come across as a selective focus/shallow dof - shot wide open kind of image - rather than a motion blur. And regardless of the method - this came out beautifully!

All the more reason to play with and practice ICM’s right in your own back yard!


I like the repost - nicely done!