Grasses Reflected

Critique welcome.

What a gorgeous color palette. This kind of scene is often done in b&w, and it’s nice to see one in color. The only nit I see is that the uppermost parts of the yellow leaves sort of fade away. It would have been nice if the tops were just a tad darker. Nonetheless, this is just lovely.

Bonnie, Thank you very much for your comment .

I thought of going in the opposite direction - more high toned:

What a splendid and minimalistic image! I like it a lot.
And between darker and lighter… I prefer the original version.
Really beautiful.

Chris, this is a lovely, nicely artistic, look at these grasses and their reflections. My first reaction was like Bonnie’s, a bit more color in the upper parts. However, Igor’s lightening of the reflections looks very good also.

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I like it very much. Thanks!

Beautiful work, Chris. I like your version and Igor’s variations as well, though I think his second goes a bit too far for my taste. My only suggestion on your version is that there are a few almost invisible sprouts to the right of the main clump that I find distracting.

Thank you for your comment, Antonella.

Beautiful, Chris! I agree with Bonnie about the fading yellow tips, but I can go with either your version or Igor’s.

I fixed the tips and it does, indeed, look better. So helpful to have extra eyes look at a photo.