Great Blue catches shad

A Great Blue with bluegill minnow

A look at the park habitat

Have been trying for close up shots of these Great Blues catching fish at a local park.

Specific Feedback Requested


Technical Details

Canon 90D, Sigma 150-600 C
ISO 400, f7.1, 1/1250s, hand held


Great series! I always feel bad for the fishes. To be eaten alive. Gak. Anyway…it shows how good herons are and the second one seems almost playful - just tossing back some popcorn here. Terrific sharpness and light, too. I need to find an area where these guys, and the shyer greenies, are more habituated to humans. Mostly I find them on remote lakes and rivers and woosh - off they go!

I like all three, Allen, but the first one is superb. The continuation of the curve of the fish into the reverse curve of the trailing water is just wonderful.

Very good straight on looks at the Great Blue and its fishing success. Great close ups of the bird, and the water dripping and finishing a nice S curve off the catch in #1 is an extra added element to a wonderful image. Lovely low light on park habitat shot, too.

Hi Allen
It is interesting how your local Great Blues go after larger fish, then my local CT Blues. The first two shots show great interaction of the blue fishing skills and the last shot is more in keeping with I see around here. All three have good color and feather detail, although you could look at cropping the legs out of the second shot and pushing the head a little more to left off center frame. Nice work.