Great Blue Heron Fishing on Flooded Street

![Great Blue Heron Fishing on Flooded Street]

A few years back a street in our neighborhood flooded after heavy December rains. I was surprised to find this Great Blue Heron looking for a meal in the middle of the flooded street. I quickly drove home and grabbed my camera, the long lens, and tripod. I thought the cars in the background contrasting against the unexpected heron made a nice contrast. I posted another version of this recently for the Weekly Challenge “After the Flood” but a day late. My apologies, I’m new here, just learning the ropes. :smile:

Specific Feedback Requested

All feedback welcome!

Technical Details

Nikon D800, Nikkor 200-500mm @450mm, f/5.6, 1/80, ISO 1600.

I imagine it was surprising to see the heron in the middle of the street. Nice catch. Thanks for sharing it with us. If I may suggest, you might try cropping down from the top to take out the sky, which seems a little distracting to me and doesn’t really add anything to the photo. Also, maybe some details could be brought out on the heron. Great capture.

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@Chris_Baird, thanks for the comments! I tried to incorporate your suggestions in this version.

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I’ve actually been thinking about this one quite a bit, if philosophically. It’s one of the first images I saw as a new member and I book-marked it in my mind for comment. I haven’t found the category but I’d think urban nature or something to that effect. It’s sort of a sad commentary on the encroachment of “civilization” on what we like to think of as pure, innocent nature. Or perhaps it’s a recognition of the invasion of nature into our sphere, a willingness to relinquish that innocence and healthy fear of us in order to meet life’s basic needs. There’s a sense of possible threat to the bird here at the hands of our technology and machinery. There’s a feeling of a stranger in a strange land. Well done, whether your thoughts trended these directions at moment of capture or not!

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@kerry4 Thanks for your comment! A little background. This street is next to a wetlands on one side and a pond on the other. The Tualatin River is close by. The street runs along a natural area and is part of a regular walk I do. There are a resident egret and a heron that I often see next to the pond, looking for a meal. However, in 10 years this is the only time this street has flooded. At the time I shot this image, I was thinking about the juxtaposition of this heron in an urban setting, and how unusual and almost surreal it was. Honestly, I wasn’t thinking too much about the symbolism you identified. I’m very pleased that the image evoked such a strong response from you!

I think that’s one mark of a great, effective photograph. It elicits some kind of response from the viewers. You’re welcome!

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