Great Blue Heron posing in a tree

What technical feedback would you like if any?

What artistic feedback would you like if any?

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Pertinent technical details or techniques:

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This is the only other good pose I was given by the Heron that I posted the other day. He mostly had his head behind the lichen, but in this one I thought it was interesting that he peered out so the eye was in the clear. It looks like he was hoping to hide. I don’t know if he was aware of me, as I was over 200 ft away (probably 300) and not out in the clear. Canon 1DX2, 600mm f/4 II + 2X III, ISO 800, f/11, 1/500, large RRS tripod and Wimberley II head, small spot focus point. Cropped to 16% of the original pixels. Shadows and Highlights sliders in LR, then into PS only to darken the head/face and reduce contrast on the branch at the top and burn down highlights on the branch in the LL corner. Topaz DeNoise AI.

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I really was attracted to the eye peeking through the hanging lichen. Beautiful combination of sharp and soft focus areas.
Any chance you can recover a little more detail it its crown?
A minor niggle, but I could do without the bottom bit. That dark curvimg mass draws attention.

Thanks Dick! There is a touch of detail in the edge of the crown but that’s it. Is this what you had in mind for the bottom? I could also remove the branch going out the left edge, or is that the one you were referring to? I also reduced contrast a little on the perch branch and burned the corners a bit. I think it’s an improvement. (I love that the paint never dries!)

Pretty neat how the long skinny leg is echoed by the long strings of lichen!

Another dandy environmental shot. Those branches, hanging moss and lovely bg takes the GBH to another level. I also noticed the knob in lower left and wondered how photo would look if you pulled that left corner up in a crop. This would also move the bird a bit left in frame. I know you have already cropped lots.
Just looking at that lower branch and leg I would say sharp focus is just behind the head. Sometimes with the 7DII or 5DIV when using a 500mm lens and tripod while looking thru eyepiece I will fine tune the focus manually. Tricky to do if you are rushed or bird is moving about.
You really got the heron in a great setting. Good for you to be so aware.

HI Diane
Maybe my eye are going bad, but I like the first shot best. The Heron’s eye peaking through the lichen makes the shot. Nice work.

Another excellent shot of this heron, Daine. I like the composition and your processing looks excellent.

Thanks guys! I saw him for a few weeks in the spring and haven’t seen him since the dry weather of summer started. I hope he comes back next spring.

I really like this. There’s a painterly feel to the photo. I think the perch is very interesting and so would go with the first presentation that shows more of the perch. The lichen adds a lot to the photo. I could see adding a bit of canvas to the right so there’s more room for the heron to look into.

Excellent job - love the way the Heron is framed with these branches. The repost is indeed an improvement, although the original pose would work for me as well. Love the vertical framing as well. Nice work ! Hans