Great Egret - Water Take Off

The Great Egrets continue to migrate through my area in west Tennessee. They are coming to a lake at a local park and trying to fish on the fly. Balls of shad are coming to the surface of the middle of the lake giving the egrets a chance to fish on the wing. They dive into the water similar to a kingfisher. They then have to take off flying from the surface as the water is too deep to touch bottom. In this image, the egret dove into the water but missed the fish. The take off gave a nice reflection too. I have a few other shots of this behavior I’ll also share later.

Specific Feedback Requested


Technical Details

Canon R7, Sigma 150-600mm Contemporary
ISO 400, f6.3, 1/2500s, hand held


Very nice. I like all the water activity. Nice take-off pose and good detail in the wings. I like the reflection as well.

Just beautiful, Allen. I don’t think I’ve ever seen an Egret try to fish from in flight. Love those reflections too! So glad you are getting this opportunity.

Hi Allen
Very nice action, with great white control and detail. I always have a question on photographs with large reflection, do you keep the full reflection and live with a smaller bird or crop some of the reflection to bring fourth a larger more detailed bird. On this photograph I would look at cropping half of the wings out and changing the framing to a 16by9. Very nice work.

Terrific action shot with great wing position, water splash and reflection. Great control of the whites and nice and sharp to boot. Well done Allen!

Wonderful decisive moment and to me an unusual behavior! I love the symmetry and clean water for the reflection. The splash was frozen perfectly!

Very nice action shot with the whites exposed and processed perfectly. Your comp looks good with plenty of room for the action and this one darn good. Perfect as presented…Jim

Such a cool pose to capture reflected… and frankly, it’s nice the reflection is that clean given the obvious mess of movement that’s being initiated here. I think it also works out nicely that the head and neck lined up with the gap of blue, rather than the reflected greens. It helps bring our focus in on that wonderful contour.

Nice BIF capture, Allen. I just returned from a trip where there were many Egrets. I’ll be posting a few too. I love the pose you got. The BG is beautiful with the blue water and reflections. There’s lots of detail in the wings too. One of those shots that make you dance. :smile: