Great Potoo plus additional image

This has to be one of the strangest birds I’ve ever seen. Not all birds in Costa Rica are gaudy. Here’s one that is so camouflaged it’s difficult to make out the head features but if you look carefully you can see the beak and the eye. This is a nocturnal creature which resembles the Nightjar. We found this one very high in a tree next to one of the major highways we traversed. This is 20% of full frame crop at iso-400.

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Iso-400, 500 mm, F8, 400th, D 500, handheld, 20% of full frame

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Excellent detail and exposure, David. I think all the birds in this group are pretty cryptic, but this is definitely a candidate for the best. A very nice image.

Here is another image of the Great Patoo, this one in its typical classic pose.

Definitely a different looking bird; looks like a cross between an owl and nightjar. Well done in capturing this; excellent detail. Thanks for sharing this one.

Very nice! The bird is certainly cryptic, and it takes some effort to understand its structure… Excellent image!