Green Heron Chicks

Here are two of the three green heron chicks I’ve been seeing at my neighborhood lake. They have “branched” which earlier made me believe they had been taken by a predator. Not so. They are still being fed by the parents but I imagine they will be flying and foraging on their own soon. Taken yesterday under cloudy conditions.

Canon 90D, Sigma 150-600 C
ISO 1250, f6.3, 1/320s, hand held

I removed part of a branch on the right and cloned out some bright water.

Any comments appreciated.

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Really cute! The fluffy white/highlighted plumage makes this special. The is still nice even with the clouds. No nits from me.

How wonderful to have caught a nice image of the two of them together before they do go their separate ways, Allen. I like the way each is facing in the opposite direction, like you keep an eye out to the left, I will watch to the right for any predictor. Wonderful details, on a nice natural perch, with oof BG. Great shot.

The fuzz, opposite-facing poses and background water color all make this a beautiful image. Fine composition to go with the poses.

Very good, Allen. I love the back-to-back poses and the fuzzy heads are really cute. It’s interesting that you got so much depth of field with those settings. Were you at 600 mm, or had you zoomed out?

Hi Dennis, I was at 600mm. Lucky for me the chicks were so close together.

What a dandy shot. A pretty good mirror image I would say. Very impressive that you got both eyes tack sharp.

Cute pose you captured Allen, with ample DOF to offer both chicks in sharp focus. Nice.

Gorgeous shot, Allen and I love juxtaposition. Cute creatures. Neat image ! Cheers, Hans

Can’t image any better Allen. This is such a wonderful photo and a great capture on your part.

I like the back to back pose. Excellent detail, nice perch and background colors that work well with the herons.

So good to see the green heron chicks again! Love the back-to-back pose. Water is great. IQ looks good, but I think I’d sharpen just the rear chick independently a touch more.

OMG, I love the fluffy head feathers and the different coloration on these babies. You got both of them pretty sharp as well. The pose if priceless. You couldn’t have arranged these netter. Butt to butt with both head angles working well. I also don’t mind them being centered since you can’t really compose this any other way. Glad you were able to find these two. Superb capture Allen!

Love the mirroring pose and the perch too !

Hi Allen
Lovely Green Heron chicks. I think the flat lighting helped to defuse the back-ground and give the fluffy white feathers a glow. Did you sharpen the head and breast of the right chick, it looks much sharper than the left?

Yes I did. Do you think it’s overdone? The right chick’s head is a little less sharp than the left one in the original image.

Hi Allen
The only reason I brought it up was, I could see the line were it started. Maybe just a little more feathering?

By the time I saw this there were many comments and I didn’t feel like I had anything new to say. But it keeps popping up on the first page and I’m really drawn to it so I’m adding my congrats on the shot. I have no suggestions. Love the two facing different directions and the fuzzy heads. It’s just a really nice shot. :slight_smile: