Learning To Hunt

The green heron chicks at my neighborhood lake are learning to forage now while also still occasionally receiving a meal from the parents. On Friday, I found this one near the nest site trying to hunt minnows. I wanted to emphasize the eyes and head on this shot so kept the aperture wide. What do y’all think?

Canon 90D, Sigma 150-600 C
ISO 400, f6.3, 1/1600s, hand held

Just for fun I’m also sharing this shot I took yesterday. The three fledglings lined up waiting for a meal to be delivered.

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Allen, I just love face on shots of birds, and this one is certainly a great one. The look it is giving you is really great. I also love the 3 lined up for dinner. Great timing and capture on both shots. You are so fortunate to have them so near home, and able to get out and capture images of them. Great shots! :+1: :+1:

Both shots are well done. Good detail and poses. You’re lucky to have this opportunity.

Love these so much, Allen. The first one is just super playful. For the second one, I would suggest a little bit cleaning in-between the birds if you are not against it. Not a whole lot of cleaning, but I think the OOF twigs behind the bird are competitions to their curious faces.

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Hi Allen
Shirley is correct, having these Green heron so close to you must be great fun. The eyes and hair in the first shot is great and three shot could be a study in aging. Vary nice.

A good choice on the first shot, Alllen. It does focus attention on the eyes and “hairdo” immediately. The second image is also wonderful, though I do like Adhika’s housekeeping.

It’s a fun shot with the goofy head feathers. I think you were successful with the DOF. Great eye contact and detail!

I certainly agree both shots are fun. Really nice focus on the first with the head on look. Little bird seems more curious about the photographer than anything else. The identical poses on the second shot are pretty neat. You are creating an excellent chronicle of these young birds maturing.