Halloween Pennant female

I liked how the wings lined up in this image. Any comments appreciated.

Canon 7D2, 300mm f4L IS, 1.4x TC, tripod
ISO 400, 1/250s, f16, cable release, mirror lock up

You may only download this image to demonstrate post-processing techniques.

i like this one even better than your previous post Allen. The vertical aspect ratio makes for a dynamic pose, and the stalk of vegetation has an interesting enough shape that it carries the image. I also love the pose of the dragonfly with all 4 wings lined up like that, it’s very unusual.

Technically this looks great, everything is sharp, and you just don’t get backgrounds better than this. Excellent work…

I also like this shot the best, Allen. As Ed said, that background don’t get any better than this. It makes the DF and the stock pop. I too like the position of the wings. I was surprised that you used mirror lockup and cable release at 1/250. Just curious if you had that setting for something else prior, or felt that would give you even more steadiness for sharpness? Excellent shot.

Hi Shirley,
The shutter speed was just what I needed on this particular shot to get the proper exposure at f16. And f16 was the right choice for DOF management. The sun was out and illuminating the dragonfly quite well. I could have skipped the mirror lockup and cable release on this one but I had my gear set up for it on this morning just in case I needed in some situation that morning.

Shirley, I use MLU and a cable release on all of my macro and landscape images, just for peace of mind insurance.

Thank you, Allen and Ed for your clarification, and I will definitely keep it in mind if I get out with my macro work on a tripod anytime soon. I haven’t used a tripod to shoot macro lately, since I have mostly used my twin flash, which allows me to handhold. I did use the monopod and gimbal head to do some close up work last week. It helped me with the Hummingbird Moth, but for some of the other shots I would have been better off with the twin flash, or a tripod and MLU and cable release probably. Some things just don’t stay in place long enough though to get the shot, so I like a bit more freedom. Thanks again, this is how I am learning more ways to do things, when I see a wonderful shot on here, and read the techniques used.

Allen, I agree that the wing position here is special. The sharpness of the DF and it’s perch look great.

Allen, don’t think I’ve ever seen one of these with that wing posture. Nicely framed, and you got a wonderfully clean BG.