Hatcher Pass, Alaska

All feedback is welcome as I haven’t had many of my images critiqued thus far. I know I need to work on composition for sure but feel free to reiterate that. I learn best through repetition! This is a more recent photo, taken about two weeks ago, up at Hatcher Pass here in Alaska. 35mm F2 lens. ISO 100. 1/15s. f/11.

You may only download this image to demonstrate post-processing techniques.

Seems kind of harsh to me but maybe that was your intention…
I think the amount of room you gave to the white sky and the white brush FG takes all
the attention off the mountain…

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A little late here, but thought I would chime in and offer some feedback.

For me, the main interest seems to be the vegetation in the foreground, given you allocated quite a bit of space for it. Curious as to the b&w presentation. Of course I wasn’t there and can’t see the original, but I think maybe I’m wishing for some color. Perhaps the sky was literally gray and not blue?

I like the bit of snow on the main peak, but the rest of the mountain and slope on the left don’t really have any interesting features and the darkness with the b&w doesn’t really help.

I do like the opposing diagonal lines. In fact, perhaps a crop up from the bottom may help emphasize those diagonal lines (but then again, I’m not sure if this foreground vegetation is of importance to you. I can’t tell from the b&w.

The only other suggestion might be to up the exposure level a bit. I do like the contrast, but there’s just not much detail to be seen on those slopes.

Not sure if this was of any help.

Hey Lon thank you for your input! I agree that the exposure could be upped a bit to bring out some more detail in the shadows. I think that you are also right about cropping up a bit from the bottom. The vegetation is of importance to me but the lines may be more so.

I was focusing on the opposing diagonal lines and how the vegetation and snow on the peak interacted with each other by following the same lines. I chose black and white to try to emphasize the relationship between the foliage and snow. It was a dull, overcast day with no interest in the sky (in fact there was no blue in the sky) and the colors didn’t really pop to me.

Thank you for your time and feedback, I will keep your suggestions in mind for future images.