Heavenly Waves

Continuing with the limitations of shooting from home. From the roof top.

6D2, 70 200 F4, ISO400, F8, 1/100

Balan Vinod

I really like the simplicity of sky and cloud shots. Nice work. I would probably clone out the birds because they are so small in the photo JMHO

This image has a wonderful soothing feeling to it. and the light on the clouds is marvelous. This cloudscape has enough interesting elements in terms of light, color and shapes that I think it is very successful.

Really like this! The flow for my eye is upper right corner where there is openness and light down left to the lower left corner where there is a little more texture and darkness. The waves help to guide the eye here. I think this is great. Excellent abstract-ish shot. I don’t mind the birds and feel it helps give a sense of scale.

If those limitations mean that you produce work this great then keep it up! This is a beautiful sky scape. The flowing lines add a lot of energy to the composition. Of course I love reds so this is right up my alley. Great work!