From a garden on Namhae Island, S. Korea. These shade-loving plants got a brief burst of sunshine in the early evening.

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Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
D500 + 105mm macro f5.6 1/1250 ISO 640 + Tripod

13 shots stacked in Zerene. Topaz Denoise, small Shadows/Highlights adjustments in PS, Topaz Sharpen.

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Mike, the subtle color of the flowers looks good against all the green foliage. There are several bright rims near the upper right corner that are common stacking artifacts, when there’s a strong change in luminosity. (Both Zerene and Helicon have a secondary sharpness determination based on brightness that picks up bright oof areas and calls them sharp.)

Wonderful texture on the flowers, very pleasing composition. Amazing they sat still for a stack!