Here comes the sun

Early morning, very low sun, which highlighted the heron and the water, but left the background quite dark. Taken from my kayak.

D500 / Sigma 100-300 @ 140mm. 1000 ISO. 1/1500 @ f5.6

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The detail looks good, Michael, and I like the way the heron is lit, though I think it might help to tone down the far wing just a bit. You might also think about bringing the sunlit reeds down as they are bright enough to pull my eye away from the heron.

Good shot Michael. You got nice and close and a nice flying pose. The dark bg does serve as anice back drop for the heron.

Oh wow! You were so close! That’s awesome! Very beautiful image, love the graceful wing spread and everything is so sharp and detailed! I like the surroundings too!

I darkened the wing, and toned down the reeds just a bit.

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I like the changes you made, Michael.