Here’s looking at you kid

A few weeks ago I found this tussock at the beach close to my weekend cottage.

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Is this a composite: No


Reminds me of a human eye. I would title it “Here’s looking at you kid” in reference to the quote from Casablanca.

If you said this was a drone photo of some rare meteorological phenomenon I would have bought it. So interesting and even though this is probably a totally natural thing that happens, it looks a bit menacing in the sense that the plant might have been under attack or something. Did you turn it 90 degrees? 180?

Without your description, I might have assumed this was some type of microscopic organism viewed at high magnification. What I like most about this is the green color of the center, especially in contrast to the almost B&W look of the rest of the image. That is a somewhat unusual hue of green, but it really grabs my attention. I also like how you have the spacing you have in each of the four corners, but have the tussock touching the frame along each of the side edges. That is a more dynamic presentation. Very nice work on this one Ola, I’m enjoying it a lot.

I like this a lot, Ola. A very cool abstract, with great radiating lines and color. Very well seen and executed. No suggestions here.

@Kris_Smith, @Harley_Goldman, @Igor_Doncov and @Ed_McGuirk thanks for your kind comments.


It grows flat on the ground. The image is taken straight from above.

Well spotted.
Sure is a very nice image.

From the thumbnail I thought a section of forest flattened by a meteorite! One of those mysterious shots which are very interesting - well composed too.

@joaoquintela and @Mike_Friel thanks for your kind comments.