Hoverfly breakfast

Here’s a look at this Hoverfly having a breakfast of grass pollen earlier this morning. You can see the grass parts that it’s dining on below its head and I could see them wiggling as it dined. (7D2, 180mm macro, 1/80 s, f/11, iso 800, tripod)


Mark, I really love this shot. The colors showing up in the wing to our left, which seems to be picked up from the colors of the weeds, is really a nice bonus. I also love that a little bit of pollen is on his eyes. These little guys are pretty small, so you did a great job getting in so close to him, and capturing him with such details. I just don’t see how you can improve on this.

Those are great bug eyes! The iridescence on the left wing must be attributed to the plat reflection since the right wing appears to be clear. This is a very cool looking bug Mark. I might flip it 180° with the bug pointing up just to see how the image looks.

Mark: One of the best hoverfly images I’ve seen in a long time. Really good plane of focus management and DOF choice. Most excellent. >=))>

Nice image of Hoverfly. eyes show detail and the body is in good focus. I also like the placement of the hoverfly in the frame.