Hovering In The North

This was made a little while after my previous post. After looking south for a long time, I finally turned around and looked behind me and this was the view. It was starting to get dark at this point and I ran to a vantage point and got a few frames. It was a pretty special evening.


Harley, this is an amazing sky, with lovely colors and fascinating cloud formations, especially the big lenticular cloud above and right of center along with it’s white lower companion, lurking below.

Exactly…that was the scenario with my post on this weeks theme to. The sierras & the 395 corridor have treated so many of us photographers very well over the years.
Another truly amazing wave here, Harley… :+1:

Damm Harley–you’re finally getting this photography thing!.–gots to be the “Eastside”… i sure miss that place! --you too!