Hyacinth Macaw

Here is another from my July trip to Brazil. I took this image from a ground-level blind in Piauí State in the northeast part of that big country. It was early morning and the light was still fairly low necessitating a high ISO, but I was pleased that by exposing properly I kept the noise low

. Sony a9, Sony 100-400mm with a 1.4 teleconverter at 560mm, f/8 at 1/500th, ISO 2500.

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The bird appears tack sharp. Nice pose and beautiful colors. My only nit would be the OOF area in the right foreground tends to draw my eye.

What a lovely bird. I also agree about the lower right oof foreground but other than that the color combination in this image works really really well. I think the issue with that OOF foreground can be somewhat alleviated by reducing the contrast in that area.

Fantastic image of this rare colorful species, Charles. Excellent choice of DOF to get the entire macaw sharp and a nice look at the environment. I really like the angle of the shot and the raised claw. The background looks a little too bright, but that is a minor nit.