Ice Edge + Repost

This image is interesting for me because it reveals more than the eye usually sees. I also like the unconventional foreground background look.

water element
the same and also unique
beauty abounds here

Specific Feedback Requested

I welcome any feedback with or without examples on any post processing suggestions.

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Added vignette and adjusted some basic light values as well as did some denoise to the background water.

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Ben, the curved, rounded ice edge does a good job of setting the stage for the color blobs in the water. The curved bright line coming in from the left adds nicely to the eye movement. I’m debating with myself about the bubbly ice along the bottom…it adds to the story about what and where this is, but it’s so different in texture from the rest. Try a crop from the bottom to see what you think.

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Ben, I like the contrasting foreground and background. Cropping of some of the bottom also seems like a good idea. The color is intriguing.

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Thank you Mark and @kat1 . It is good to hear how this photo might be improved further.


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Hi Ben, lots of interesting details in your photo. I think the crop worked well; removing just enough at the bottom to further highlight the “main show” but retaining some to show differences in color and texture, setting off the brighter ice, which look like teeth to me. The curvy lines on the left also add interest. A very well seen abstract.

I like the shot a lot, Ben. Actually, your eyes always ‘see’, it’s your brain that can’t see. Anyway, I think this is very well executed. Lush.

Thank you Jim, excellent point. The brain certainly does filter and modify the data received by the eyes and change it into perception.