In the Gorge

5D2, 17-40mm,


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Interesting scene here, Danny. You’ve got a great subject and some really nice lighting. As for critique input, I would say the lighted rock area on the left edge of the frame may be taking attention from the rest of the scene. Would be interesting to see a version with this edge cropped in. A 3:2 ratio may even work well with this image if you didn’t want to lose anything from the top or bottom edges. I would also consider bringing the shadow areas down a bit to add some depth and allow the lighted areas to pop out a bit more.

Danny, what gorgeous light you have in this scene, simply beautiful. And your processing looks right on the money, it gives image such a luminous quality. I really like how the light is also hitting the moss on the smaller boulders in the stream, it’s a nice small touch.

My initial reaction was to suggest a slight crop from the top. But then I read @Dustin_Waits comments and said oh yeah, that boulder on the left pulls your eye back into the shadows, so it may be worth removing . I might consider a crop from both the left and top, along the lines of this rework.


That’s a treat Danny! You’ve done a great job of capturing the lovely mix of colors we have. (I’m curious, was this a recent shot? If so, then I’m especially impressed because the vegetation has been looking a bit dull recently. Hopefully these recent rains help with that.) I really like the subtle splashing of light, and think the lines created work very well. I don’t think I’d change much myself; I’m enjoying this as is.

…I just saw Ed’s version after I saved this. Go with the crop; that’s a definite winner.

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This is a fine image, Danny. I’m not as convinced about the crop as the others. The left rock has a purpose in the composition. On the other hand the simplification without it is also very appealing. If I were to crop it I would do it to the edge of the small rock and not remove top or bottom. That would give a tall narrow frame.

This is SO stunning! I love the amount of shadow detail. The crops work but for me I think just some burn on the rock on the left would also work. If it were mine (wish it was!) I’d do a gradient burn of the top of the diagonal lighted face. Maybe also on the small piece of rock in the LL and the bit of water at the bottom edge.

I like this image a lot, the lights and the calm atmosphere create a splendid frame. It is also interesting to see how different sensibilities perceive the image - for me, for example, the rock on the lower left is essential to balance the composition, exactly because it weakly attracts the eye without, in my view, disturbing the main focus. I also like the fact that the shades are not too dark. Beautiful.

I enjoy the asymmetric composition. The bright wall on the right and the illuminated stream are the highlights for me.
I wondered if seeping the shadows on the back wall would be a pleasing alternative and came up with the attached … also cropped out the bright left edge

I love the image. Great scene, great light and I like your processing.
The comments about the light rock on the left edge make sense to me, although I’d be very happy with the image that you presented. I’d prefer to darken that rock a bit, and not to crop. Neither would I crop from the top, as the image as is gives an impression of the depth of the gorge that would be altered if you crop from the top.

Was just reading through the the comments on this one and love this edit! Now that the rock on the left is gone, I’m also finding my eye drawn towards the bottom left. That’s how it is, right? Remove one thing and something else stands out? Well, that’s my 2 cents, for what it’s worth. Love this image!!!